The Year of You

As we move towards the end of January, the festive merriment has dissolved, the Christmas decorations are down  and we’re all starting to get back into the swing of a new year. We’ve returned to work, and we’re thinking about how we want 2020 to be bigger and better than the last.

I’m curious…what do you truly want to achieve this year, and how do you want to do things differently than last year?

Uncovering you, the real you

Sometimes, we present a picture of ourselves to the world.  Caring daughter.  Hardworking colleague.  Passionate account manager.  Selfless giver. There are good reasons why we present a certain mask or picture to the world.  After all, we want to be seen as a caring daughter, hardworker, or selfless giver.  These labels can give us an immediate sense of belonging.  They …