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It's time to say Bye Bye Burnout, Hello Balance and Brilliance!

You did it! You've climbed the corporate ladder and built the career and life you used to dream of.

But now that you've 'arrived'?

Well, it turns out that the view from the top doesn't make your heart sing.

In fact, it's left you feeling like you're stuck in an intense mix of exhausted-to-the-bone, overwhelmed and...lost.

This sense of being on the absolute brink of burnout makes you wonder how you're going to get through the next day (let alone the next week or month...)

Despite feeling lost and unsure what your future looks like, you're wayyy too tired to go out looking for it.  But deep down, you're desperate to rediscover a sense of balance.

So while the idea of jumping out of bed every day, feulled with passion, purpose, joy and balance seems a bit out of reach...

There's that niggling feeling that makes you believe it's got to be possible 'one day'.

I want you to know: 'one day' is actually closer than you think.

Imagine how it will truly feel in 3 months time to...

OVERCOME burnout and finally experience energy, balance and joy in your day-to-day

Find that PASSION  for life that's been missing for so long?

Be able to put YOURSELF FIRST instead of heeding to the constant demands and deadlines of others?

Wake up every day feeling excited, energised and FULFILLED (yep, it's possible)?

Just imagine if you were living that BIG life of your dreams!

This is exactly what we get to work on during a 3-month long BYE BYE BURNOUT 1:1 COACHING SERIES.

Over our 12 weeks together, we'll:

  • work through your feelings of overwhelm and burnout so you'll start to feel relief, excitement and energy from Day 1!
  • introduce some simple practical ways (that work for you!) to overcome and avoid burnout, and
  • start building a life fuelled by balance and brilliance!

Your 1:1 coaching series with me will help you uncover the fuel that’ll have you leaping out of bed each day with boundless energy, passion and purpose.

Here’s exactly how it breaks down:

I offer a complimentary coaching consult so that we can discuss what it can look like for you to go from Burnout to Balance to Brilliance, and rediscover what it would feel like to leap out of bed every day filled with passion and purpose.

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In case we haven’t met yet...

Hi! I’m Tamara Jenkins: The Burnout Boss.

I'm a Career and Confidence Coach, published author and business owner.

Prior to launching my coaching business, I successfully ran my own PR and Communications agency for fifteen years, working with globally recognised brands and local small business operators and entrepreneurs. As a published author and successful career woman, I truly appeared to have it all.

But guess what? I had a secret. I was not living the BIG life I’d dreamed of.

The truth is, I was utterly exhausted and in the midst of full-blown burnout.

I desperately longed to be one of those women who leapt out of bed each morning, fuelled by purpose and passion. But inside, I truly wondered if a life like that existed for me.

So, I worked with my own coach to overcome the feelings of burnout and exhaustion, in order to then uncover exactly what would get me bounding out of bed each day.

From all this experience and training, I’ve now made it my mission to coach women suffering from the crippling effects of burnout to bring more balance into their day-to-day life and rediscover what gets them leaping out of bed every day, fuelled with passion, purpose and joy.

So, if you’ve made it this far, I want you to know - I’ve lived (and made it to the other side of) what you're going through.

If any of the above is hitting home for you - I’m here to support you and I’d love for you to book yourself a complimentary consult.

It might feel like another thing to add to your to-do list, but afterwards? You'll feel such a sense of relief!

It's time to put yourself first and go after that life of balance and brilliance that you deserve.

So, if you want to say bye-bye, baby to burnout and hello to balance and brilliance, then book your complimentary consult here

When I first started coaching, I was unsure of where my business was going, and had no confidence as to how to get there, but by the end of my first coaching session, I remember thinking WOW! I had mentioned things that I had not even thought were bubbling away inside me, and it made me realise that talking about them, and getting a coaching perspective, was amazing.

Tamara has moved my life forward in a fantastic way as I now have a clearer vision of what I want, and how to action it in both my business and personal life. Tamara was an amazing coach to have shared the journey with, and her calm, caring nature was very therapeutic! I can highly recommend her as a Life Coach.

Carina Gazzard, Torquay