Introducing The Burnout Boss

I see you...

You're on the absolute brink of burnout and wondering how you're going to get through the next day (let alone week or month)...

You're no longer willing to sacrifice your own health and happiness, just to barely keep up with the frantic pace of never-ending deadlines and client projects...

And you long for the time when you're jumping out of bed every day, fuelled with passion, purpose and balance (even if you sometimes wonder if that's actually possible for you..)

If the above rings true, I want you to know - you're in exactly the right place!

Hi! I’m Tamara Jenkins, The Burnout Boss.

Career and Confidence Coach. Business Owner. Published Author.

Growing up, I had big dreams.

I was a country girl, but longed for the dazzling lights of the city.

So moved to Melbourne for  university, studied journalism and PR, and started work for a big PR firm.

During those power suit days, and my first boss would often call me into her office and thrust a designer suit into my hands that she no longer had a need for.

My days were filled with fashion shoots and celebrity encounters. The perks!

Fast-forward twenty years, and to the outside world, I looked to be living the perfect life.

Lovely home, supportive husband, successful business with local and International clients, a published writer, overseas travel – you get the picture.

I was now running my own PR business, and still having those celebrity encounters, but I had a secret.

I was not living the BIG LIFE I had dreamed of.

The truth is, I was utterly exhausted and in the midst of full-blown burnout.

I had zero motivation, felt empty and lost.

And if I was really honest with myself?  The career that I had spent the last twenty years building was no longer doing it for me.

I’d drag myself out of bed each morning, wondering if this was all there was, now that I had reached the top of my corporate career.

It was time to make a change.

I decided to literally upend my life. I moved from the city to a small seaside town in country Victoria and became a Beautiful You Life Coach.

I studied mindfulness, introduced self-care, and overhauled every aspect of my life.

I started working with corporate women who were exactly where I used to be...

...on the brink of burnout, feeling lost and uncertain about their future, but desperate to rediscover a way back to balance, joy and purpose.

...women with no idea where to start, or what a life of balance even looks like anymore.

If you’re feeling that way, know that there is a way out.

Just as I did in my own life, I'm here to help you to overcome feelings of burnout, so that you jump out of bed every day fuelled with passion, purpose, joy and balance!

(And it does NOT require you to up-end your life and move to country Victoria - I promise!)

Together, let's start to rediscover what truly makes you happy, outside of the constant deadlines and demands  that are running your days (and life!).

Book in for a complimentary From Burnout to Balance  coaching consult, and together, let's start building that BIG, balanced life of your dreams!

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When I first started coaching, I was unsure of where my business was going, and had no confidence as to how to get there, but by the end of my first coaching session, I remember thinking WOW! I had mentioned things that I had not even thought were bubbling away inside me, and it made me realise that talking about them, and getting a coaching perspective, was amazing.

Tamara has moved my life forward in a fantastic way as I now have a clearer vision of what I want, and how to action it in both my business and personal life. Tamara was an amazing coach to have shared the journey with, and her calm, caring nature was very therapeutic! I can highly recommend her as a Life Coach.