Uncovering you, the real you

Sometimes, we present a picture of ourselves to the world.  Caring daughter.  Hardworking colleague.  Passionate account manager.  Selfless giver.

There are good reasons why we present a certain mask or picture to the world.  After all, we want to be seen as a caring daughter, hardworker, or selfless giver.  These labels can give us an immediate sense of belonging.  They help us to form bonds with other people, and let others know what we’re all about. 

However, these labels, or that picture we present to the world, can be limiting.  A doctor, for example, is supposed to fulfill a certain role, and project a particular image, in society.  Strong.  Reliable. Intelligent. Studious.

And if they fall outside of these bounds, then we might question their ability.

My other issue with labels is that they often mask who we really are.  I’ve always identified as an only child, a business owner, a writer, and dutiful daughter.  When you think of these labels, I bet you get a picture in your mind of the sort of person I am.  But, guess what?  I’m so much more!

These pictures we present to the world sometimes hold us back from creating the life of our dreams, and becoming the person we were truly meant to be.

What labels are you presenting to the world, and how might they be holding you back?

I once worked with a brand expert, who really helped me to examine the labels I was placing on myself, and what new picture I wanted to present to the world.

So, to take a leaf out of her book and get ready to embrace the real you, outside of your existing labels? 

Here are some fun questions to ask yourself, in order to uncover the unique person that is you:

What five words would you use to describe yourself?

How would your best friend describe you?

What label is holding you back?

What label would you LOVE to try on for size?  Let your imagination run wild, and tap into your dreams for this one.

Share some of your responses in the comments below, and tell me what new, fabulous label you’re going to try on for size this week!

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