How to find your joy

I once worked with a life coach in order to find my joy.  I know that it sounds strange – doesn’t everyone know what brings them joy?

But, sometimes it’s not that simple.  Sometimes we spend our entire lives doing what others expect of us, that we loose what sparks joy in ourselves.  Our days are spent running the kids to school, working long-hours at our job, cooking dinner, watching the latest Netflix hit show, checking social media, and then doing it all again the next day!

For a long time, I felt like my life was devoid of true joy.  That doesn’t mean that I was miserable 24/7.  I enjoyed my life.  Dinners out with my hubby?  Check!  Weekends away, exploring little country towns?  Check!  Walks along the ocean?  Check!

But, I really felt like I was just going through the motions, day in, day out.  Get up, head to work, spend hours chained to my desk, head home to cook dinner, and repeat.

But, what truly made my heart sing?  I felt clueless.

Enter the life coach.

I started working with a coach (yeah, we work with them too!), and set myself a juicy goal – To feel Passionate and Alive about my Life.

And in order to feel passionate and alive about my life, the first thing I needed to do was work out what ignites passion and joy within me, and what kills my joy.

Here’s what I did to help uncover my joy, and over the course of the next week, I’d encourage you to do these things also:

– Create a list of what sparks my joy and what kills my joy?

Over the course of a week, I kept a notepad beside me and jotted down every little thing that sparked joy in my heart.  Whether it was a song that came on the radio, the burning of my favourite candle, or watching a great movie, I started noticing the little things that made me feel alive.

I came up with such a diverse list that included photography, creative writing, fashion, musical theatre, animals, entertaining at home, hosting dinner parties, and chocolate. Yes chocolate!  Can you relate to any of my joy sparkers, and do you have some of your own?

I also thought about those things that kill my joy.  The 9 to 5 rut.  Mondays.  My office (which lacked inspiration and personal little touches).  Even social media often zapped my joy!

It was from here that I could start crafting a life full of joy, excitement and connection.  I introduced beautiful elements into my office, including candles, crystals and personal photographs.  I started exploring my photography again, undertook a creative writing course, and indulged in way more chocolate!

This simple task helped me to clarify what brings me joy, what kills it, and how to practice joy every single day. 

– Create a vision board of images that spark joy and hang it somewhere prominent

This one’s a fun one.  Find images that spark joy within you.  That tropical sunset.  A group of children splashing in the mud.  Fresh flowers.  A relaxing, candlelit bubble bath.  Absolutely anything that brings you joy.

Create a vision board and pepper it with images and words that speak to your soul.  Then, pin it up on your fridge or in your office, and use it as a visual prompt to remind you of the things that you love.

– Serve

There are so many studies that tell us that the giving of ourselves to others induces feelings of happiness, contentment and joy. In fact, even spending money on other people actually makes us happier than spending money on ourselves, even if it’s a simple cup of coffee! 

So, in order to find what sparked my joy, I looked into ways that I could serve others. I researched causes and organisations that I was passionate about, and donated my time to helping them.  I even found myself one bright, sunny Sunday morning protesting against the drilling of oil in our beautiful oceans with hundreds of other passionate surfers and community members.  It made me feel alive, and as if my little voice was making a difference.

Think about ways that you could serve your local community, the causes you are passionate about, and then reach out to people and offer your time and service.

Once you’ve done these exercises, let me know what you’ve uncovered about yourself that brings you joy?   Share with me the top three things that spark joy in your life, and remember – listen to the spark that lights inside of you.

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